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Grateful for Noam’s Help and Guidance

Noam believed in me when I struggled to believe in myself. Throughout my legal battle, Noam empowered me and gave me hope. Words can’t express my gratitude for Noam’s phenomenal work.

~ Ellen

Phenomenal Attorney

Noam is my hero. I was faced with unanticipated legal troubles and called 30+ attorneys before finding Noam. The case was emotional and sensitive, but Noam was supportive and respectful, minimizing distress for me. He found solutions to problems quickly and was incredibly easy to communicate with. He was pragmatic in setting expectations, but also empowered me to fight for justice. Despite overwhelming obstacles, Noam achieved an unexpectedly favorable outcome for me. I’m so grateful that I had Noam on my side.

~ Nicole

Perfect Mix of Compassion and Focus

Noam was referred to me from a close friend. He was very clear about setting objectives and staying on task. He was timely in all communications and made sure to clearly explain everything along the way. Noam was flexible and creative when needed and executed against a tricky timetable with a favorable outcome. Most importantly, he continuously walked a line between aloof pragmatism and empathy that worked for me.

~ Jessica

Noam was the BEST

Noam was realistic, optimistic and always kept me updated, I believed he had my best interests in mind at all times. My case took a long time to resolve and involved partnering with another firm. Noam’s counsel was critical to me every step of the way. He was ethical, honest and supportive. I cannot imagine a better attorney/client relationship.

~ Mary


I was referred to Noam for advice regarding age discrimination in the workplace. He was very easy to talk to and has extensive knowledge and experience in the field. He explained my options thoroughly so I could be comfortable with every decision made. His response to emails and phone call was stellar. I highly recommend Mr. Glick

~ Andy

Excellent Guidance & Great Advice

Noam provided guidance and advice though an employment issue by explaining my options, guiding me through the process, helping me understand potential outcomes, and he made sure I was comfortable with each step along the way. He is easy to talk to, quick to respond to emails / calls with questions, and made what could have been an overwhelming process very simple. He brought me great peace of mind and I am so thankful for his services.

~ John

Honest, Straight to the Point and Incredibly Accessible

Hired him for a services contract issue. He is very accessible and straightforward and above all honest. I really appreciate working with him and highly recommend him!

~ David

Legal Advice and Coaching Through Agreement Negotiation

My situation was that I had an employer who had breached my employment contract, particularly around notice of termination, which we’d agreed up front. This had an implication to my Visa status which meant that I needed to stay employed for the length of my notice period or risk having to pack up and leave, impacting my family significantly. My employer was not behaving fairly or equitably and all I was after was to have my employment contract honored. I found Noam after meeting with 5 other employment attorneys and was immediately at ease with his no nonsense but empathetic approach. Noam helped me qualify the best strategy for my situation which ended up being to resolve this as an internal company matter and proceeded to support me as I ended up renegotiating my agreement over a period of weeks. Noam helped me avoid several ambiguities as well as identify potential legal hazards which I’ll be eternally grateful for. Also, although Noam’s fees are what you’d expect for an attorney of his standing, I honestly felt that he was very efficient with his time reconciliation against my case which I’m also grateful for. Noam, thanks again for an excellent job and good luck with the next lucky client who comes your way. Although I’m posting this anonymously, if you wish to get in contact with me, please contact Noam and I’ll be happy to provide a verbal reference as well.

~ Sebastian

Noam Glick saved me from a hopeless hostile work environment and settled my case quickly!

After many successful years at my job, I became a target of discrimination, harassment and retaliation which resulted in my employer firing me. After Noam quickly assessed my situation, he negotiated a settlement without having to go to trial and got me my job back. Since I work for a large, wealthy corporation, I never would have imagined to get such results without a long drawn out fight. I have been made whole and vindicated and my new job with the same employer now has wonderful working conditions. Noam is sharp as they come and sees directly to the truth. He was formerly an employment lawyer for employers which gives him great insight on how to represent employees since he knows both sides of the fence. I am and always will be very grateful for all that he has done for me.

~ Annie

Employment Law

Noam was incredibly accessible and knowledgeable. He is insightful and strategic in labor law practices. I was able to build trust and confidence in his advice. He listens carefully to the questions I had and then responds with options to help guide me. He consistently develops innovative litigation strategies that helps us reach our goals.

~ T.S.W

We couldn't be happier!

My husband and I never thought we would ever be in need of an attorney but then life has a way of throwing us a curve ball now and again. After interviewing 3 other attorneys, we knew right away that Noam was the man for our case. He patiently listened to our situation, was extremely diligent at reviewing our entire ordeal and was great at keeping us informed every step of the way. We are so very pleased with the resolve and time-frame that Noam was able to settle our case. WE will forever recommend Noam Glick!

~ Sharon

If I could rate 10 stars I would!

Words cannot express my gratitude to Noam for all he did for me on my case. He went above and beyond I would expect an attorney would do. He put so much of his personal/off time keeping me posted/updated on my case. He responded to all my inquiries/concerns with a sincere and truly caring nature. I highly recommend Noam as an attorney. My case was settled for what Noam had told me in the beginning and there were ZERO surprises! Besides Noam being an outstanding attorney, he is an outstanding person! Noam truly cares about you and your case! I am honored to have had him as an attorney and to have met him.

~ Jeff

Morally sound, brilliant and professional

Mr. Glick has done everything right. Unlike many attorneys, Mr. Glick’s moral compass points north. He has taken the time to explain in laymen’s terms every step along the way. He’s shown dedication to my case and has been able to answer any of my questions in a timely manner. His many years of experience on the defense makes for a rare and important tool in knowing how the defense will react, and countering it proactively. I’d definitely refer him to my family and friends.

~ Joseph